Rock-Crete Foam Insulators

rockcretesprayfoaminsulatorsRock-Crete is all about being more energy efficient and conserving energy, such as lower energy consumption, a lesser environmental impact, and more comfortable climate conditions. Energy efficiency and conservation benefits everyone.

Foam insulation seals the building envelope against airborne pollutants like; dust, allergens, odors and other pollutants.

Foam insulation allows air management to be designed so that the indoor air quality is actually healthier than outside air. With foam insulation, we can reduce the heating/cooling needs by about 50 percent on a new home, and from 20 to 30 percent on an existing home. Foam, when applied, seals off every nook and cranny while fiberglass cannot.

foam2Tests have shown that the air exchange in a foam insulated home is reduced from 4-6 air changes per 3 hours to .3 – .35. This means that the hot air outside is, simply put, staying OUTside and your cool air is staying INside. The home remains pressurized. This means that the A/C unit does not have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures, and it can be accomplished with less tons of A/C.

Foam insulation is environmentally friendly. It contains no ozone-destroying chemicals and its high efficiency enables buildings to be heated or cooled with the least possible consumption of the natural resources required to produce energy.

With spray foam insulation we can seal not just the walls, but the attic also. Foam is applied to the underside of the roof deck, making the home envelope air-tight. This, along with properly sizing your A/C and duct work is now in semi-conditioned space, which is typically between 3-10 degrees different than from the inside of your home. We call this energy-wise building. Have your builder call us about Energy Wise building with Demilec Section 500.

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