Judson Crowder, Certified Professional Organizer

Judson CrowderJust in time for spring cleaning, organizing gets a nod with the Ask The Organizer Booth, featuring garage, attic and storage unit organizer Judson Crowder, owner of Houston-based Restorganize, who will be on hand from noon to 4 p.m. each day of the show. Following his presentation entitled “Heaven, Hell or Purgatory,” Crowder will man the booth to personally answer questions from those in attendance.

Judson Crowder, is a Certified Professional Organizer who specializes in garage, attic and off-site storage organization. Judson’s 17 years of experience includes nine years managing the storage and set dressing on the popular show Everybody Loves Raymond. Find Judson and more of his organizing tips at www.restorganize.com.